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We are building the next generation’s sustainability algorithm, giving you the power to make more sustainable choices during your shopping.

Truly Smart
Data Analysis

Our tools allow our customers to enrich their data sets with meaningful analysis and extraction, increasing their performances and making data simple to read.


About Us

Knowledge means control.

Every product we develop is a child of our hard work and our proprietary libraries. We know every single line of code that your device is going to use.

Soaked into innovation

Technological disruption is endlessly pushing for sustainable solutions. We are constantly bridging the gap between consumers and innovators.

Truly Multi-Purpose

Increase the complexity of your data but not of your reports. A software that adapts to the structure of your inputs ensuring consistent outputs.

A mobile app designed for sustain

Love for our planet

Sustainability means respect for our planet and for ourself.

Smart lists

Shopping made easy.
Find -> Add -> Buy, nothing more.

Product Comparison

Compare your usual products to find out how to reduce your impact.

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Plug-In Solution

An amazing user interface will guide you in a smooth shopping experience.

Community Approval

We are strong as our community. Your feedback will help us improving our service.

Truly Intelligent

At Valuebin we are building a fully autonomous AI to enhance our data quality.


Optimized for Mobile & Touch Enabled Devices.

Zeroed makes sustainability easy and affordable by guiding consumers in their journey through a smart and sustainable shopping experience, towards better choices for the environment, the community and themselves.

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Meet Our Team

Ricardo Osti Carcano

Ricardo Osti Carcano

Chief Technology Officer
Giovanni Fantoni Modena

Giovanni Fantoni Modena

Chief Creative Officer
Umberto Pavesi

Umberto Pavesi

Chief Financial Officer
Caterina Comini

Caterina Comini

UX/UI Designer
Mevio Andrea Colucci

Mevio Andrea Colucci

Senior Back End Developer
Anastasia Kazmiruk

Anastasia Kazmiruk

Junior Busines Analyst
Lorenzo Bertelli

Lorenzo Bertelli

Communication Advisor
Sara Nassi

Sara Nassi