Consume Responsibly

We are building the next generation’s sustainability algorithm.

Discover our Solutions

A mobile app designed for sustainability

Valuebin makes sustainability easy and affordable by guiding consumers
in their journey through a smart and sustainable shopping experience,
towards better choices for the environment, the community and themselves.

Soon on Android Soon on iOS

Desktop solutions for your data analytics

Custom solutions on demand

A platform that adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Data that matters to you

Increase the complexity of your data but not of your reports. A software that adapts to the structure of your inputs ensuring consistent outputs.

Import/Export Made Easy

Import your csv/excell files into custom lists. Process the data and exports the reports in formats that can be reused by other software.

The Values We Share

All our services aim to help the environment without the creation of new hardware.

Our products are built for you, in respect of your data, in respect of your person.

Technological disruption is endlessly pushing for sustainable solutions. We are constantly bridging the gap between consumers and innovators.

Every product we develop is a child of our hard work and our proprietary libraries. We know every single line of code that your device is going to use.

Our products are ideated to be accessible everywhere, in any condition, device, operating system. We believe that your comfort comes first.

We do not discriminate materials such as plastics nor companies manufacturing them. We aim to boost the most sustainable options within their context of use.

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