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Our Mission

Accelerate the transition towards more sustainable consumption

ValueBin was founded in 2018 to address two of the most pressing issues of our times: 1. Very scarce and uncoordinated recycling information on the products' packaging. 2. Very high food waste per capita (One-third of what is globally produced it is thrown away). Our mission is to create the first coordinated packaging information dataset worldwide, constantly gathering the most sustainable consumed packaged goods. We believe that the platform will benefit all players on the Circular Economy: consumers, brands, retailers and municipalities. Our company was selected as the only Italian startup of the new Food Tech batch inaugurated by Plug and Play Tech Centre, the biggest Silicon Valley accelerator.

Our Pillars

Infrastructure free

All our tools aim to help the environment without the creation of new hardware.

Privacy as a Right

Our products are built for you, in respect of your data, in respect of your person.

Soaked into innovation

Technological disruption is endlessly pushing for sustainable solutions. We are constantly bridging the gap between consumers and innovators.

Content Ownership

Every product we develop is a child of our hard work and our proprietary libraries. We know every single line of code that your device is going to use.


Our products are ideated to be accessible everywhere, in any condition, device, operating system. We believe that your comfort comes first.


We do not discriminate materials such as plastics nor companies manufacturing them. We aim to boost the most sustainable options within their context of use


Compose your usual grocery list while Zephyr suggests you thousands of products that score higher on our sustainability ranking.


Use Zephyr to shop at the most convenient retailer around you or directly from your favorite e-commerce.


Every product comes with nutritional information to make more healthy choices on your Zephyr App.


Find simple recycling information for each product to help sorting your garbage with Zephyr.

Our Team

Giovanni Fantoni Modena

Chief Executive Officer


Umberto Pavesi

Chief Financial Officer


Ricardo Osti Carcano

Chief Technology Officer


Mevio Andrea Colucci

AI & Machine Learning


Francisco Marasco Quiroga

Senior PHP Developer


Ignacio Mariano González

Senior PHP Developer


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